From Dil Ka Rishta to “Qubool Hai”

From Dil Ka Rishta to “Qubool Hai”: Finding Your Perfect Match on

Finding your soulmate can feel like searching for a missing puzzle piece. You might have an idea of what you’re looking for, but it takes that special connection to complete the picture. At, we believe in the power of connection and the beauty of finding lasting love.

Ready to find your happily ever after?

Here on, we bring together Pakistani singles seeking a meaningful relationship. Our platform provides a safe and secure environment for you to explore profiles, connect with compatible matches, and embark on a journey towards “Qubool Hai” (acceptance of marriage proposal).

Imagine this:

  • You browse through detailed profiles on, getting a sense of each person’s interests, values, and aspirations.
  • You connect with someone who shares your passions and outlook on life.
  • Conversations flow easily, and a spark ignites.
  • Your connection deepens, leading to a beautiful relationship filled with love and understanding.

 We offer advanced search filters to pinpoint your ideal match, a verification process for added security, and secure communication features to nurture your connection.

From Virtual to Reality:

The time came to bridge the gap. With a mix of excitement and nervousness, Aisha and Sameer arranged their first meeting, facilitated by the secure communication features on The chemistry they felt online translated beautifully into real life. Their shared dreams and aspirations solidified their connection, leading Sameer to take the next step.

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